Congratulations to every single one of the 178 phenomenal debaters for the skills and courage they demonstrated in the presentation of their arguments on Saturday. This was an extremely close competition with many students scoring just points, half points and less behind the top scoring individuals and teams!

Top scoring debaters and teams are listed below: Individual Speakers on the left and Teams on the right. 
To see which team won most persuasive each round, check out the updated TOURNAMENT PROGRAM and follow the arrows.

In addition to the debaters listed below, we also want to give a special Courage and Perseverance Award to Nui (Agnes) De Vita, who decided to participate as a solo team when her teammate was unable to participate last minute, and remained through the entire tournament with persistent technology issues. Way to go, Agnes!

Debate, like all great life skills, gets better and better with practice.
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Thank you, debaters, for bringing your best and for being brave and sharing your arguments with us. You are all superstars and we are so proud of you! I hope you are also proud of yourself.

Thank you, families, for supporting your debater and for celebrating their accomplishment.
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Top Scoring Individual Speakers: Multilevel Debaters

1 Peyton Diep
2 Lucia Edmonds
3 Diego Ghosh
4 Dia Nair
5 Yuvaan Kaneri
6 Aeshaan Ferdous
7 Sasha Bilenko
8 Samantha Edson
9 Amir Ghandour
9 Neil Ankireddi
10 Shreya Sinha
11 Vijay Nallappa
11 Thomas Miller
11 Ben Audi
12 Mohammad Bandesha
13 Oliver Peoples

Top Scoring Individual Speakers: Advanced Debaters 

1 Ria Venkatrajan
2 Grace Jin
3 Evyn Miller
4 Ethan Elms
5 Jahnavi Kala
6 Blake Thompson
6 Hamsini Ramanathan

Top Scoring Individual Speakers: Middle School Debaters

1 Henry Jacqmotte
1 Maggie Fiorito
2 Lucy Jacqmotte
3 Fletcher Kradel
4 Max Van Dooren
5 Waverley Farmer
6 Minal Gowda
7 Wyatt Westerlund
7 Roan Krishnamurthy
8 Geetha Nallappa
9 Kai Abrahamsen

Top Scoring Team: Multilevel Debaters

1 Grace Miller
  Neil Ankireddi
  Peyton Diep
  Yuvaan Kaneri
2 Sasha Bilenko
  Ritvik Krishna
  Rohan Kharkar
3 Ben Audi
  Dalil Kadri
  Diego Ghosh
4 Naomi Zuckerman
  Dia Nair
  Sai Tummala
5 Suhani Garg
  Shreya Sinha
  Gabriel Veiga
5 Raina Xie
  Dingchen Guan
  Lucia Edmonds
6 Aeshaan Ferdous
  Sadie Ostraco
  Shaia Bija
7 Leon Moore
  Hidehiko Katsuda
  Mohammad Bandesha
8 AJ Cortes
  Julian Nahas
  Shaan Trivedi

Top Scoring Teams: Advanced 

1 Ayush Kundu
  Ria Venkatrajan
  Evyn Miller
2 Grace Jin
  Jacob Lubitz
  Alexander Jacqmotte

Top Scoring Teams: Middle School

1 Alastair Berg
  Max Van Dooren
1 Lucy Jacqmotte
  Ryan Wilkinson
1 Maggie Fiorito
  Waverley Farmer
  Max Kaul
2 Duzan Bilton
  Fletcher Kradel
3 Henry Jacqmotte
  Roan Krishnamurthy
4 Minal Gowda
  Linnea Wacker-Sprague

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