The Research is overwhelming. Kids who participate in debate show improvement in: academics, critical thinking, confidence, communication and cultural awareness.

DebateAble's debate program develops kids' critical thinking, public speaking, teamwork and empathy.

DebateAble lessons, games, videos and activities provide step by step guidance to DebateAble Members, teaching kids to formulate and present both sides of any argument, and listen and respond to the arguments of others.

  • 97% of parents surveyed say the DebateAble Program met or exceeded their expectations

  • 84% of parents reported an increase in one or more of these qualities in their children: Critical Thinking, Public Speaking, Self-Confidence

"It's a complete package. It’s affordable. It’s age appropriate. It leaves room for the coach to learn and customize.  It’s repeatable without getting boring."  

- Namitha Pai. IT professional, mom, first-time debate coach

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Your DebateAble Membership includes everything you need to teach debate to upper elementary and middle school students-- in the classroom, after-school, at camps or homeschools. 

Since 2012, DebateAble has empowered thousands of young debaters to speak with confidence and civility. Our program was developed so that anyone with or without debate experience- can do the same!

How Clubs Work

DebateAble makes it easy and fun to teach debate to kids. Here's an example of what your club might look like......

  • Debate Club meets once a week before or after school.
  • Fall, Winter or Spring sessions may be offered during the school year. DebateAble Curriculum has built- in modifications to keep lessons fresh all year long for debaters and instructors!
  • Students sign up for multiple sessions. Debaters' confidence knowledge and skills continue to grow with practice and experience.
  • Because competition is one element of debate, each DebateAble session concludes with a Debate Match that students prepare for throughout the session. Family and friends are encouraged to come see the students demonstrate the skills they've learned.
  • Recommended class size 9-15 students.
  • What people are saying about us...

    Gabrielle Herrere, club leader and sixth grade teacher

    After School Club Leaders Love It!

    Gabrielle Herrere, club leader and sixth grade teacher

    The kids love debate and so do I! DebateAble's materials are so easy to use and well organized. We love the activities and it's been a lot of fun... The tongue twisters, impromptu speeches, and long & short quotes are fantastic. It's generated a lot of enthusiasm. I'm so excited to keep going. Thank you!
    Jana Hunter, fourth grade teacher

    Teachers Love It!

    Jana Hunter, fourth grade teacher

    The students who participated in DebateAble's Debate Club have an ability to think critically from many perspectives about a variety of topics. During our Persuasive Essay Unit, these students were able to create theses that were direct, specific and meaningful. In addition, they were able to support their topics by including facts that were researched or examples from personal experiences. They were also able to predict and analyze possible points of view that could be argued against their theses. In most cases, DebateAble students had the ability to cause classmates to rethink their initial positions on a topic and change their minds!
    Chris H., Seattle parent

    Parents Love It!

    Chris H., Seattle parent

    Great way to help kids understand there are at least 2 sides to every issue. Helps them be more discerning, less ideological, more empathetic and better citizens.
    Teri Keeton, Head of School

    Principals Love It!

    Teri Keeton, Head of School

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