An all-in-one kids' debate program designed for teachers, schools and districts to teach kids how to look at, listen to, and talk about both sides of any issue. 

After school or in the classroom.

Now we're talking. 

One Stop Kids' Debate Shop

Everything you need to start a kids debate program. Designed specifically for grades 3rd through 6th.

Fun, Kid-Friendly Evidence Packets

We've done the research for you. Access multiple Evidence Packets with diverse, kid-friendly topics that broaden perspectives.

Collaboration & Teamwork

Kids cultivate empathy when they work together and learn how to debate positions & perspectives different from their own.

Persuasive Writing & Speaking

Enhance your students persuasive writing curriculum to boost their written & spoken arguments.

Critical Thinking Skills

Debate teaches logical, evidence-based argumentation; deeper reasoning; the ability to anticipate & respond to counter arguments.

Easy, Online Access

All DebateAble  materials are accessible to Members anytime you need them from your secure, online member account. 

Confidence Booster

Debate builds kids' confidence & self-esteem through the practice of public speaking, independent thinking, and personal expression.

No Experience Necessary

No debate background required. No outside research needed. Designed for anyone who wants to empower kids through debate (like you!). 

Watch DebateAble in action.

We see the empowerment that comes when upper elementary students participate in debate. From public speaking to civil discourse to teamwork, and more. Your students can do this too.  See for yourself.

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For classrooms, schools, districts or youth organizations.


For teachers or club leaders hosting a single class or club from a designated location. For example, Mr. Griffith's 5th grade class or the after-school debate club at Naper Elementary.


For a group of classrooms or clubs at a single, designated location. For example, all 5th grade classes at Naper Elementary, or multiple debate clubs at Boys and Girls Club.


School districts, youth groups, or other organizations hosting debate groups across locations. For example, all 4th and 5th grade classes in the Naper Valley School District.

Conversations are happening throughout the country. 

The complete package. Here's what you get!


A detailed guide to set-up and manage your kids' debate program using the proven DebateAble format.


Step-by-step lessons for each meeting including scripts. Focus on specific skills leading to final debate match. 


Plentiful original games & activities to support each lesson to keep everyone engaged. 


Everything you need to hold your own debate match within your own club or against another. 


Your membership includes a free evidence packet. Additional available for purchase.

Try for yourself. Request a free curriculum sample.