DebateAble Online Middle School Clubs...zoom collage a

Argue and discuss topics relevant to age and interest. 
Prepare students for high school debate. 
Teach debaters to track and rebut opponents' arguments. 
Introduce advanced debate formats. 
Encourage civil discourse. 

Have fun! 

Debate Lessons that focus on critical thinking, arguing  multiple perspectives, public speaking skills and  collaborative  teamwork.  Meeting 6th, 7th and 8th graders where they're at and inspiring them to rise to  the next level.  
Clubs led by seasoned, experienced debate coaches!

Your Middle School DebateAble Club is waiting for you!
Elementary DebateAble experience is NOT required to participate in DebateAble Middle School Clubs. 
Maximum 12 students per club.
Session culminates with an Online Debate Tournament - June 12, 2021!

Middle School Coaches

Anna Caragio

Coach Anna has been involved with speech and debate for four years, both actively competing and teaching. She's won numerous awards in debate, including almost every local tournament her senior year of high school and Second Top Speaker at the Cal National Debate Institute Summer Tournament. In 2018, Anna founded and instructed the middle school debate team at Galileo Stem Academy and is passionate about teaching critical thinking skills to youth. Anna attends California Polytechnic State University, furthering her education in Political Science and Statistics.

Cara Liu

Coach Cara is a student at Columbia University with four years of experience in both competitive debate and teaching. She placed as one of the top four debaters at state tournaments for three years in a row and placed at every local tournament her junior and senior year. She previously started and ran her own summer debate camp for kids, focusing on the basic structures of debate as well as developing their public speaking skills. She deeply values the skills that come with debate, and has a passion for teaching debate to young people in order to inspire them to participate in high school debate and beyond.

Taylor Blackburn

Coach Taylor's love for debate began at her middle school's biweekly club. She went on to attend Bates College, where she majored in Rhetoric and competed for the Brooks Quimby Debate Council in both British and American Parliamentary formats. She was champion of the Yale IV and the first American woman to win the US Universities Debating Championship in 2014. Since 2015, Taylor has coached students of all ages, and loves sharing her passion for the activity. Taylor received her MFA in Writing & Producing for TV from Loyola Marymount University in 2018 and now works primarily as a screenwriter.

Rachel Mauchline

Coach Rachel is the Director of Debate at Cabot Public Schools in Arkansas. Rachel has been involved in Debate since she was in the 8th grade and now has the opportunity to coach students 7th to 12th grade. Rachel has coached students to elimination rounds at the State Championship and NSDA Nationals. She coaches individuals in all forms of debate and loves to work with middle school students! Her biggest passion is helping students find their voice and topics they are passionate about to make a difference in the world! 

We've been busy!
In March, 2020, all DebateAble clubs moved online. Since then we've brought debate to hundreds of students across the country and expanded our coaching staff to include experienced, elite debaters who, like all DebateAble Coaches, are passionate about bringing debate to young people.

Here's what we learned:
Online debate clubs are actually a great way to learn to debate, foster connections and create an environment where all debaters listen and can be heard.
Smaller groups work better online, so we reduced the maximum number of students in our clubs to twelve.
Fun became even more important to our meetings, so we made time for some silliness and encourage laughter.
Whether online or in person, kids are hungry for the opportunity to express themselves, grow and interact with others.

We're so proud of the direction that DebateAble is moving and excited to introduce your student to our Online Middle School Program.