The all-in-one kids' debate program designed to help young people develop and grow their critical thinking and social emotional skills. Perfect for in-classroom lessons or after-school programs.            Best suited for grades 3rd through 6th.

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One Stop Kids' Debate Shop

Everything you need to start a kids debate program. Designed specifically for grades 3rd through 6th.

Fun, Kid-Friendly Evidence Packets

We've done the research for you. Access multiple Evidence Packets with diverse, kid-friendly topics that broaden perspectives.

Collaboration & Teamwork

Kids cultivate empathy when they work together and learn how to debate positions & perspectives different from their own.

Persuasive Writing & Speaking

Enhance your students persuasive writing curriculum to boost their written & spoken arguments.

Critical Thinking Skills

Debate teaches logical, evidence-based argumentation; a deeper level of reasoning; & the ability to anticipate & respond to counter arguments.

Easy, Online Access

All DebateAble program materials are accessible to Members anytime you need them from your secure, online member account. 

Confidence Booster

Debate builds kids' confidence & self-esteem through the practice of public speaking, independent thinking, and personal expression.

No Experience Necessary

No debate background required. No outside research needed. Created for any adult who wants to empower kids through debate (like you!). 

Focus on education versus competition.

Inspired by the International Debate Education Association, DebateAble students work together in teams of three. Debaters may access research materials through Evidence Packets regarding a variety of topics ("resolutions") to create arguments and refutations.

Distilling research is an important part of the DebateAble program, as is learning to debate both sides of any topic, actively listening to the arguments of opposing teams, and realizing that there is more than one way of thinking about any single question.

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Kid-friendly debate topics.

With DebateAble Membership, you get access at reduced pricing to our growing library of Evidence Packets that tackle kid-friendly debate topics. 

The research on both sides of the topic, is done for you. Less time researching for you and your students means more time creating arguments and learning from one another. 

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Zoos should be banned.
Tablets should replace textbooks in elementary schools.
All human beings should be vegetarians.
Plastic water bottles should be banned.

Watch DebateAble in action.

We see the empowerment that comes when upper elementary students participate in debate. From public speaking to civil discourse to teamwork, and more. Your students can do this too.  See for yourself.

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The complete package.


A detailed guide for any adult who wants to teach debate, to set-up and manage your kids' debate program using the proven DebateAble format.


Step-by-step lessons for each meeting that even include scripts. Focus on specific skills leading to final debate match. 


Plenty of original games & activities to support each lesson and keep everyone engaged and having fun. 


Everything you need to hold your own debate match within your own club or against another. 


Your membership includes a free evidence packet. Additional available for purchase at Member pricing.

Bring after-school debate clubs to your school or district. Or, compliment your classroom lessons with a debate segment.

Amp up your conversations around the dinner table with our easy-to-follow materials and variety of debate topics.

Enhance your enrichment program. Suitable for YMCA, PTA, Boys & Girls Club, Church, or any other youth organization.

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