The results are in!

The competition at Saturday's Online Tournament was fierce and there was less than half of a point between many of the debaters' final scores!  Our team at DebateAble was so proud of every single one of these students that debated and we hope that they are proud of themselves.  Judges were especially impressed with those students whose teammates did not show, and yet they picked themselves up and powered through with amazing poise and fortitude.

Regardless of where your student placed, they have become a part of the world of debate, a lifetime skill that breeds self confidence, critical thinking, public speaking skills and more. We welcome them!

Top Scoring Individual Speakers and Teams are listed HERE! Note the ties by paying attention to the "Rank" column. 

To see who won each round, check out the Tournament Program where winning teams are highlighted in green.
NOTE: Teams as listed in program may include names of debaters who were not present for debate. However, the wins are referenced by judges as an affirmative or negative victory, which is how they are marked.

Coach Awards
Each DebateAble Coach was asked to nominate one debater from their clubs for a Coach Award based on that student's demonstration of the fundamental spirit of debater, including their contribution to club meetings, support of fellow debaters, engagement in skill building, and more! Scroll down for the names of the students nominated for this award from every club.

Coach Avalyn Hine (St. Albans): Torsten Safdarzadeh
Torsten was always very engaged and participatory in sharing. He was very focused when writing his speeches and set a great example for the rest of the class.

Coach Avalyn Hine (Wednesday middle school): Beatrice Wichlacz
Bea excelled in creating arguments that were very well reasoned and asked a lot of great questions throughout the class. The care she put into each of argument's was apparent and it motivated everyone to do their best

Coach Cara Liu: Adam Wong
I want to elect Adam for my Coach Award because he’s always putting his best foot forward and puts a lot of effort into every speech and debate.

Coach Anna Caragio (Mutlilevel): Advait Reddy
Advait is a very hard working and motivated student and always comes to class ready to learn and collaborate with his teammates. He is a great addition to our class and I am really proud of all the work he put into the tournament!

Coach Anna Caragio (Middle School): Ritanya Ravi
Ritanya is such a motivated student, and always goes above and beyond in class. She is kind to the other students and brings such a positive energy to class. I am so proud of how much effort she put into her speeches, and cannot wait to see how she does in the tournament.

Coach Daisy Fernandez: Rhea Gupta
The student I've selected for a coach award is Rhea. Rhea is always an active participant in class, tries to work well with everyone, and has learned to overcome challenges in debate with confidence.

Coach Griffin Hehmeyer (BASIS Elementary): Ishan Pothukuchi & Yuhe (Martin) Zhang
Ishan is inquisitive and invested in his learning, always trying to understand everything.
Martin was helpful to his teammates and always stayed on task.

Coach Griffin Hehmeyer (Tuesday Multilevel): Arnesh Kar
Arnesh is eager to speak, share out, and participate. Not afraid to be vocal.

Coach Griffin Hehmeyer (Friday Middle School): Tahra Araujo
Tahra is super friendly and always supported other students.

Coach Linda Sabee: Grant Schreiber
Grant is a hard worker, has a positive attitude and is a natural debater. I appreciated how seriously he took every lesson and club meeting. Working with him made me so proud to be a DebateAble coach! I really hope he continues with debate.

Coach Michelle Reisman (Cascadia): Arya Edupuganti
I would like to nominate Arya... that girl is a rockstar!

Coach Olivia Bishop (BASIS): Mia Liu
She has been actively participating since day one. Mia was not afraid to ask questions or ask me to clarify the topics she did not immediately understand. In doing so, her peers began to ask questions themselves. When asked to debate solo, she bravely took that task on and met with me to ensure she felt confident on the topic. All around, Mia was brave, humble, and hardworking. These are all qualities that make for an excellent debater! It was a pleasure getting to work with her this season. 

Coach Reese Haley: Keane Miller
Keane always puts forward his best foot in class and is never afraid to ask a question. Furthermore, Keane is passionate in a way that you don’t come across very often, and that shows through his work. His unwavering dedication to what he enjoys is so impressive and amazing!

P.S. If your child is not listed below and you would like to know where they placed, please email us at with the debater's name and we will send you the certificate via email within a week.