DebateAble Table Volume 7: LOGICAL FALLACIES


In this post, we're focusing on logical fallacies. Logical fallacies are flaws in reasoning. People use logical fallacies to distract from the topic being discussed or argued when they can't come up with a direct response. We've been covering logical fallacies in some of our online debate clubs and we noticed that kids are quick to grasp the different types of fallacies and to spot them in their own arguments and the arguments of others.

For most DebateAble Table lessons, we suggest that families and educators print the free Activity Packet and simply hand it off to your debaters. This week, I encourage you to take the time to read the lesson yourself, as well. Share it at the table with your whole family. Talk about what each fallacy means and whether you've seen examples in the real world. Challenge eachother to notice when you or someone else rely on fallacy to make an argument or give an opinion. The news and conversations all around us are ripe with logical fallacies. Learning to think critically about the information we take in by evaluating the arguments of others is more vital than ever.

To access this week's lesson, click on the DEBATEABLE TABLE ACTIVITY PACKET BUTTON and print it out. No debate experience necessary. Our aim is to provide you with free curriculum that's interesting, inspires critical thinking and promotes dinnertime discussions with your family-- and anyone else who shares your table, literally or virtually.

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