DebateAble Table Volume 5: Voting should be mandatory in the United States

We're so excited to bring you this week's timely DebateAble Table topic, asking kids to consider whether voting in the United States should be mandatory. Our free DebateAble Table Activity Packet is simply bursting with information about this issue, from the history of US voting rights, to the top excuses given for not voting, and so much in between. Of course, we've provided evidence supporting both sides of the issue to encourage kids to consider multiple perspectives. There are also questions and quizes and ideas posed throughout to challenge and engage your child. 

DebateAble Table includes all the content and instructions needed to debate this topic at home. Just click on the DEBATEABLE TABLE button for the Activity Packet, print it out, pass it to your young debater, and follow along or follow up! No debate experience necessary. Our aim is to provide you with a free lesson that's interesting, encourages critical thinking and promotes dinnertime debates with your family and anyone else who shares your table, literally and virtually! 

While you're here, I want to remind you that DebateAble Clubs are now running live, online-- and kids are loving them! Students from all over the country are having fun connecting with eachother online in a supported environment with experienced debate coaches, learning to discuss and debate issues relevant to their age with confidence and civilty. There are a couple of spots left in our upcoming sessions (one starts tomorrow!). Check out our REGISTRATION PAGE for details. 

We hope DebateAble's weekly at-home discussions inspire each of us to
•     think critically about the information we take in,
•     consider perspectives other than our own,
•     value ourselves as listeners and speakers, and
•     develop the self-assurance to engage with one another.

Stay well, 


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