Now available: DebateAble Table, at-home curriculum for the whole family. Volume 1: The US should close all schools because of COVID-19.

Today marks the official kick-off of our first DebateAble Table. The goal of this weekly at-home curriculum is to move the discussions from debate clubs into your home in ways that are relevant and fun for everyone. We want to inspire your household to engage in lively conversations while remembering that no matter anyone's opinion, there's always more than one side to every issue. Every perspective has value. And everyone has a seat at the table.

Seattle DebateAble Coach Sarah Holt created this week's discussion topic, "The United States should close all schools because of COVID-19." Inspired by a recent New York Times article, Sarah wants debaters to be encouraged to use their voices to analyze and evaluate and talk about their current situations.

We created all the content needed for your debate. No experience necessary. Just print the attached documents, pass them off to your young debaters and follow along. Our aim is to promote dinnertime debates with your family and anyone else who shares your table, literally and virtually!

Each week we'll post a new topic with supporting information and/or other activities for your debater. I invite you to email me directly if there is a topic that you or your debater(s) want us to help you explore!

We hope DebateAble's weekly at-home discussions inspire each of us to think critically about the information we take in, consider perspectives other than our own, value ourselves as listeners and speakers, and develop confidence to engage with each other.


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