DebateAble Tournaments offer exciting and unique opportunities for elementary students to participate in online debates against peers from across the country. Debaters are teamed with members of their club to debate a prepared topic. Each team argues two rounds, the Affirmative in one and the Negative in the other. Judges provide feedback to every debater and tabulate scores using Debateable metrics. All of the debaters are honored for the skills and courage they demonstrate by presenting their arguments. Top scoring debaters and teams, and round winners, are posted after each event.


We hope you had fun at the tournament! We had so much fun watching you debate, support eachother and refute!

Before we list results, we want to take a moment to acknowledge our amazing judges. They are all bright and compassionate volunteers with a shared passion for empowering your children. They prepare and show up on a Saturday morning to support young debaters by listening, providing feedback and scoring. Some judges have been engaged with DebateAble for years, others are newer to our organization, and we could not do this without them all. Thank you, judges.

As is often the case. many of the scores were remarkably close, only a point or two away from each other. Out of all of the amazing debaters who participated today, the seven top scoring individual speakers and teams are listed below. Huge Cogratulations to our Top Scorers!!!!

Scroll down to the next section to see the teams that won each round. Great job debaters!

Finally, we congratuate every debater for all of your hard work and for raising your voice, listening to your opponents, supporting your teammates and bravely thinking on your feet.  Coach Andres, Michele, Linda, Sarah and I are incredibly proud of each and every on of you. We hope to see you again! Keep debating!!! -Coach Elizabeth

Top Scoring Individual Speakers

1. TIED: Rishav Bhattacharjee and Ethan Chen

2. Aeshaan Ferdous

3. Nishtha Anant

4. TIED: Jolie Brazile and Elliot Chung

5. Wren Kennedy Keating


 Top Scoring Teams

1.  Rohan Devarkal, Ethan Chen

2. Leela Griesemer, Rishav Bhattacharjee

3. Max von Mitschke-Collande, Nishtha Anant, Aeshaan Ferdous

4. Ariel Yu, Akshaya Mandadi, Sahan Doraiswamy

5. Eli Contente, Jolie Brazile

6. Aditya Ramabhadran, Syon Doraiswarmy, Elliot Chung

7. Lucas Kwok, Eleanor Klein

Debate Round Winners: Arrows point to the winning team each round.

1 Lucas Kwok Dane Milton   8 Dario Hamidi Naisha Abbi
  Eleanor Klein   Alice Chen     Derek Lee   Wren Kennedy Keating
2 Eli Contente Aneeka Balebail   9 Aditya Ramabhadran Max von Mitschke-Collande
  Jolie Brazile   Lukas von Mitschke-Collande     Syon Doraiswarmy   Nishtha Anant
  Thomas Braizinha   Miles Lipson     Elliot Chung   Aeshaan Ferdous
3 Naisha Abbi Ariel Yu   10 Dane Milton Eli Contente
  Wren Kennedy Keating   Akshaya Mandadi     Alice Chen   Jolie Brazile
      Sahan Doraiswamy         Thomas Braizinha
4 David Braizinha Aditya Ramabhadran   11 Ariel Yu Rohan Devarkal
  Oishika Sarkar   Syon Doraiswarmy     Akshaya Mandadi   Ethan Chen
  Edison Chung   Elliot Chung     Sahan Doraiswamy    
5 Leela Griesemer Dario Hamidi   12 Caleb Kellum Lucas Kwok
  Rishav Bhattacharjee   Derek Lee     Arav Gupta   Eleanor Klein
7 Rohan Devarkal Caleb Kellum   13 Amelia Magin David Braizinha
  Ethan Chen   Arav Gupta     Fred Oh   Oishika Sarkar
      Cindy Chung     Eric Lou   Edison Chung
7 Max von Mitschke-Collande Amelia Magin   14 Aneeka Balebail Leela Griesemer
  Nishtha Anant   Fred Oh     Lukas von Mitschke-Collande   Rishav Bhattacharjee
  Aeshaan Ferdous   Eric Lou     Miles Lipson    

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