Congratulations to every single one of the more than one hundred phenomenal debaters for the skills and courage they demonstrated in the presentation of their arguments on Saturday. This was an extremely close competition with many students scoring just points, half points and less behind the top scoring individuals and teams!

Top scoring debaters and teams are listed HERE.
To see which team won most persuasive each round, check out the updated TOURNAMENT PROGRAM and follow the arrows.

Debate, like all great life skills, gets better and better with practice.
Register your debater today for MUTLILEVEL, ADVANCED or MIDDLE SCHOOL Debate, Spring Session 2022-- including our our final tournament of the school year in May!

Thank you, debaters, for bringing your best and for being brave and sharing your arguments with us. You are all superstars and we are so proud of you! I hope you are also proud of yourself.

Thank you, families, for supporting your debater and for celebrating their accomplishment.
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