Halloween Debate: A Zombie Apocalypse

zombie apocalypse

Halloween is right around the corner and your debaters must decide: Which of them can survive the Zombie Apocalypse??


    (Read out loud): A terrible illness has invaded Planet Earth turning everyone who's infected into a ZOMBIE!! The good news is that there's a group of surviving humans in your town who live on a compound surrounded by a fence too high for zombies to climb. They are working to create a new society and this month they have room for just one more person to join them.

    (Read out loud): In order to be chosen to join the compound, you must convince the survivors that you are the best choice. Among those of you competing, there are medical doctors, scientists, farmers. teachers and soldiers. Each of you will be assigned a role and will need to create an argument for why you should be chosen by the group. Here are some things you might consider for your arguments:

    (Write on a board for students' reference)

    • What talents and skills do you have in YOUR role to help them survive?
    • What talents to do you have because of your role that could be useful for civilization in a future, zombie-less world?
    • Why are you a better candidate than the other competitors?

Randomly assign or have students select their role.
There will likely be more than one person representing each role but each student works alone.
Debaters take 10 minutes to come up with at least three arguments about why they should be chosen.
Every debater will present their arguments to everyone else.
At the end, hold a secret vote to see which human was most persuasive. No debater can vote for themselves.
Inform voters that they may be called upon to give the specific reasons for their vote.

In the end, remind students that there may be another compound spot open in the future.
All hope is not lost!


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