DebateAble Table Volume 6: GAME DAY

Today is Game Day at DebateAble Table! In this week's edition we are sharing mind bending brain teasers and original DebateAble games with your student. The activities are pulled straight from our own curriculum so we know they're fun! 

DebateAble Table includes all the content and instructions needed to engage in these activities today. Just click on the DEBATEABLE TABLE button for the Activity Packet, print it out and pass it to your young debater. No debate experience necessary. Our aim is to provide you with free curriculum that's interesting, inspires critical thinking and promotes dinnertime discussions with your family-- and anyone else who shares your table, literally or virtually! 

This summer, DebateAble is partnering with the University of Washington to offer online debate camps for rising fourth and fifth graders. This is the second summer in a row we've worked with the amazing team at the UW to bring debate to elementary students. We're so proud that they chose DebateAble as the only elementary school camp to be included in this summer's online format, based on their review of the success students are experiencing with DebateAble's Online Clubs. For more information or to register while there's still room, go to: UW/DEBATEABLE CAMP PAGE.

All of our online Debate Clubs are currently booked, although we do have room in our Intro to Speech and Debate Club for second and third graders. Please stay tuned! We plan to run clubs throughout the summer and will update you as soon as our schedule is set.


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