DebateAble Table Volume 4: Finding and Evaluating Evidence


Today we're talking about evidence, what it is, where we find it, what makes it reliable and how we use it. Learning to be smart about the evidence we consume and to use it to make decisions, form opinions and debate is the first and best step to creating effective arguments— no matter what side of an issue we take on. 

DebateAble Table Newsletter includes all the content your child needs for their debate at home. No experience necessary. Just print the attached documents, pass them to your young debaters and follow along. Our aim is to encourage dinnertime discussions with your family and anyone else who shares your table, literally and virtually! Always remembering that every perspective has value. And everyone has a seat at the table.

debateable table finding and evaluating evidence.pdf

We hope DebateAble's weekly at-home discussions
• inspire each of us to think critically about the information we take in
• consider perspectives other than our own
• value ourselves as listeners and speakers, and
• develop confidence to engage with each other.

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