DebateAble Table Volume 2: Are Participation Trophies Good or Bad for Kids?

We are excited to introduce this week’s DebateAble Table topic and activity, but first we wanted to share something we hope is helpful as you navigate through this period of time with your children. The National Association of School Psychologists has offered solid guidance for talking with our kids about what's going on in a way that both respects and empowers:

Let your children's questions guide you. Answer their questions truthfully, but don't offer unnecessary details or facts. Don't avoid giving them the information that experts indicate as crucial to your children's well-being. Often, children and youth do not talk about their concerns because they are confused or don't want to worry loved ones. Younger children absorb scary information in waves. They ask questions, listen, play, and then repeat the cycle. Children always feel empowered if they can control some aspects of their life. A sense of control reduces fear.
At the DebateAble Table, our discussion this week is all about... participation trophies! What are they? Are they a good thing? A bad thing? Why? And from whose perspective? It's a fun topic that can also get a little heated and it's good to remind everyone that no matter their opinion, there's always more than one side to every issue. Every perspective has value. And everyone has a seat at the table.

DebateAble Table includes all the content you need for your debate at home. No experience necessary. Just print the attached documents, pass them to your young debaters and follow along. Our aim is to promote dinnertime debates with your family and anyone else who shares your table, literally and virtually!

1. Are Participation Trophies Good or Bad for Kids?
2. Questions to Consider: Participation Trophies
3. Stakeholders



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