The results are in!

The competition at Saturday's Online Tournament was fierce and there was less than half of a point between many of the debaters' final scores!!  Our team at DebateAble was so proud of every single one of these students and we hope that they are proud of themselves.  Regardless of how they placed, they have become a part of the world of debate, a lifetime skill that breeds self confidence, critical thinking, public speaking skills and more. Welcome!

See below for the list of Top Scoring Individual Speakers and Teams! Congratulations to each one of them!

To see who won each round, check out the Tournament Program where winning teams are highlighted in green.

We also want to give a special shout out to two debaters for their courage and poise during the competition.  Ishant Rajesh and Ashlene Sharma argued at least one round alone, without a teammates, and both of them impressed their judges. They demonstrated the ability to face and conquer unexpected challenges. Well done, Ishant and Ashlene.

Oh-- and the Coach Awards! Each DebateAble Coach was asked to nominate one debater from their clubs for a Coach Award based on that students' contribution to club meetings, support of fellow debaters, contribution to club meetings, Please scroll down for the students whose coaches belief best exemplify those qualities.

Lastly, we are offering a final opportunity for our current debaters to continue their debate journey at a 10% savings to you through a Debate Immersion Experience in January and Spring Session and Tournament. Register before Friday, December 15 for 10% off all of these opportunities using the discount code DEBATEISLIFE. 
Multilevel: One-week daily immersion clubs focused on Public Speaking Skills, with Coach Tyler, or Argumentation with Coach Avalyn, both of whom have years of debate experience through high school and college.
Middle School: Two week World Schools Debate with Coach Olivia, a national competitor in college World Schools Tournaments.

P.S. If your child is not listed below and you would like to know where they placed, OR you would like to receive a Certificate acknowledging your debater's tournament participation or award, please email us at with the debater's name and we will send you the certificate via email within a week.

Multilevel Top Scoring Individual Speakers

  1 Ananya Tyagi
  2 Cassian Jones
  3 Keane Miller
Tie 4 Zara Biswas
Tie 4 Jamie Crisalli
  5 Chase McDonough
  6 Hunter Rossman
  7 Richard Zhu
  8 Advait


Multilevel Top Scoring Teams

  1 Richard Zhu
    Ananya Tyagi
  2 Cassian Jones
    Theo Mello e Souza
    Jamie Crisalli
  3 Advait Reddy
    Taeeun Ahn
    Chase McDonough
  4 James Worner
    Mason Whittaker
    Clara Rose
  5 Lachlan Liddell
    Mia Grothkopp
    Liam Kelly

Middle School Top Scoring Individual Speakers

  1 Kian Chung
Tie 2 Asiya Mumin
Tie 2 Quinn Johnson
Tie 3 Zenn Kow
Tie 3 Sai Sandhra
Tie 3 Riti Govil
Tie 3 Kiaan Jain
  4 Malavika Dileep
  5 Anamitra Dhayanithi
  6 Aarya Gurnani
  7 Ashlene Sharma
  8 Lucas


Middle School Top Scoring Teams

  1 Kiaan Jain
    Kian Chung
  2 Sai Sandhra
    Zenn Kow
  3 Malavika Dileep
    Riti Govil
  4 Asiya Mumin
    Aarya Gurnani
  5 Ashlene Sharma
    Samyra Singh
    Tanirika Rajeev

Coach Awards
Coach Cara Liu: Ashlene (Varsha) Sharma
"She always participated in class and put her best foot forward for every activity. I found that when she was in breakout rooms she often was able to bring a lot of shyer kids out of their shells as well, which I appreciated a lot. She's awesome."

Coach Anna Caragio: Riti Govi
"I chose Riti because she shows up every single class with a level of excitement and happiness to be there that is unmatched. She is always supportive of her peers, and brings such a positive energy to class. Riti is hard working, motivated, and will do anything to advance her skill set."

Coach Avalyn: Taeen Ahn
"I would want to give the award to Taeeu. She always pays attention, works really hard, and is a joy for all of her classmates to work with. She is a super bright student and really helped elevate the entire class."

Coach Tyler, Wednesday Club: Paarth Mehta
" Paarth has been an awesome leader in class and asks very insightful questions. He continues to ask for feedback with his speeches and wants to talk through argument strategy. It is very clear that Paarth enjoys debate and continues to excel!!"

Coach Tyler, Friday Club: Anamitra Dhayanithi
"She always has a positive attitude and takes change gracefully whether it’s a change of class plans or partnerships. On top of that she has grown so much as a debater and sounds more confident every class!

Coach Olivia: Cassian Jones
"Cass has been a quiet, but powerful, force in our classroom over the last several months. He exemplifies every characteristic I could hope for in a debater his age. Cass listens intently and respectfully. When he is confused, or curious, he asks thoughtful questions. When given the time to work on his own, he uses that time wisely. More than anything, though, I am impressed by his ability to lead by example. He is a talented debater; by intentionally employing different rhetorical techniques into his speeches, he amplifies his arguments and is very fun to listen to!"